Please check here regularly for photos of Hastings High School sporting, theater, band, choir, show choir and special events. Some event folders will have photos protected with the Beck logo watermark, however, all photos are available for sale without the "Beck' logo. Occasionally some photos are free to download (e.g. all parent-player photos are downloadable).  I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for visiting!

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Denny Beck is a photographer based in Hastings, Minnesota. He specializes in action photography, including sports, plays, concerts, show choir and celebrations.  As much as he enjoys photographing people, he truly loves photographing the landscapes of Antelope Canyon, Arches National Park and the beautiful scenery of the Southwest in general. 

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Angie and Aaron 3-Jul-21

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Angie and Aaron 3-Jul-21

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Nature and Landscape 5-Jul-19

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Ty and Jax 21-May-22

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ZK 9-Jun-22